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Are You Thinking Of Opening A Judgment Recovery Business?

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Do You Know What It Takes To Get Started?

To Be Successful?

Getting started in Judgment Recovery takes research. Not to mention a drive to succeed. Do you have what it takes?

You can make money in this business. But first you need to establish the basics.

What are the basics?

  • Who will be your market?
  • Where is your market?
  • What type of judgments are you going to recover on?
  • How will you enforce the judgment?
  • How will you find the debtor?
  • Which assets will you go after?
  • How will you market to current judgment holders?
  • What equipment, office supplies, licenses will you need?
  • ...And much more.......>>

However, the most important thing you need to find out is if you are ready and willing to commit to being a Judgment Recovery Specialist, a business owner, and an entrepreneur.

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Cut Through The Fluff! I Want It Now!
Only $14.95

The Judgment Plan will be emailed to you within 24 -72 business hours

That's the problem I ran into in 2006. I was a huge fitness buff and trainer, working out almost everyday but a bad injury sidelined me for 9 months.

I lost 71 pounds in just under 2 months, most people would probably love that, but I was purely muscle, and I went into a mini-depression. And the fact that I hated my job too had a lot to do with my added sorrows.

But then I got really excited and focused again once I found this business opportunity of becoming a Judgment Recovery Specialist.

I studied the manual I got from Sierra Judgment Recovery over and over again. Read as many books as I could on the subject. Read blogs, articles, and was active in member forums focusing on serving judgments. All in preparation for my new business. I even found a business partner to make the process go even quicker.

And I had plenty of time on my hands. Not working out and training people gave me a lot of spare time that I prepared for my new business. And so I came up with the name of my company and named it Spartan Judgment Recovery after Sylvester Stallone's character in Demolition Man-- huge fan I am! Then I got to work on writing out this huge, long, detailed business plan.

I finished the business plan at the end of April in 2007. And I got to tell you, I wasn't as excited for the business as I had been when I first found it. Two reasons really:

  1. My back injury had healed up in March and I had started training again with a new zest and love for it.

  2. I started reading a book by Dan Miller called 48 Days To The Work You Love. It really got me thinking, and I decided about half way through the book that this Judgment Recovery Business wasn't for me. I would just be doing it for financial gain and that my heart and soul and passion wouldn't be fully into it.

It was the best thing to happen to me because now I am a business owner of something that I do have passion for and am succeeding at more and more each day. But I did put in a lot of research on the subject of judgments. So I thought why not give other people who are interested in the business the chance to read it and discover if it is something they wish to pursue.

So here it is! Just for you! The business plan that I wrote can be yours! And you can benefit from the research I did and discover if this is something you want. Even if you are already in the judgment recovery business you would still benefit from this business plan I wrote.

What's in the Plan?

The typical business plan category's are covered in 35 pages- Executive Summary, Objectives, Mission, Company Summary, Services, Sales, Market Analysis, Segmentation, Target Markets, Strategy, Implementation, Marketing, Sales Forecasts, Inventory, and a Financial Plan.

Actual Pre-made template letters you can use:

Solicitation Letters for Individuals

Solicitation Letters for Businesses

Acknowledgement of Assignment (I go over what it is and why you need it in the plan)

Assignment Agreements

Debtor Profile Worksheet

Collection Worksheet

Expense Sheets


Now I'm from Columbus, OH and the research is based there, but the information in the plan can be applied anywhere. Who are you going to go after to collect the judgment and get paid the fastest. How are you going to get the money from a debtor once you find him. How will you find him. Judgments are everywhere in the United States, and people that haven't paid their judgments. are the same.

But in my opinion the plan is best used as a way to judge if you are ready and willing to make the sacrifice to become a Judgment Recovery Specialist. The majority of people that have already purchased the plan are from people looking to get into the business.

Are you ready?

Buy it now! Only $14.95!

The Judgment Plan will be emailed to you within 24 -72 business hours

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